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Check your PNR Status online and do enquiry for your reservation at Indian Railways and find out whether it is confirmed or not & what is the current status. Type your 10 digit PNR Number and get current status right here.

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Railway Codes & Meanings

Code Meaning
CAN/MOD Canceled or Modified
CNF Confirmed (Coach and berth number are assigned after chart preparation)
CK Taktal Quota
CKWL Tatkal waiting list (CKWL means when the waiting list moves up you can expect confirmed berth without any RAC Seat)
RAC Reservation against Cancellation
WL# Waiting List number
RLWL Remote Location Wait List
GNWL General Wait List
PQWL Pooled Quota Wait List
REGRET/WL No more booking is permitted
RELEASED Ticket not canceled, but alternative accommodation provided
R # # RAC coach number and berth number

Indian Railway Reservation System gives a facility to all its passenger to book their journey ticket online or offline, before the day of Journey. There are a fixed number of total seats in a train that is travel from its source station to destination station via various junctions comes during that journey. If a seat is booked after that fixed number of seats then that ticket will be comes under waiting list. At this condition ,you have to check that on the day and timing of that journey, Is your ticket is confirmed or not? Sometimes, under some circumstances this waiting list becomes clear and you got a confirmed seat on the day of your journey, as may be your previously booked passenger canceled his ticket and you comes in the confirmed seats.

Caution : If you are planing to travel through the Indian Railway and got the ticket, but your status is still waiting at the time of your journey, then attention , you can be departed from the train by the ticket checker. It is illegal to travel with an unconfirmed ticket.

So you are advised to check your ticket status before you are going to travel through the Indian rail.

Solve Your Problem Through PNR Enquiry
To check the confirmation status of journey ticket, Indian Railway System provides a facility to check the Passenger Name Record on that day of travelling. This Passenger Name Record Enquiry , known as PNR status in general Language. This PNR is a 10 digits number, allotted to all the passenger who book their tickets online or offline before the date of journey.

For Counter Booking If you have booked the ticket through the railway ticket counter,then check this PNR Number on your ticket.
For Online Booking But If you have booked it through the official site of online reservation system (An online service provided by the Indian Rail to book their ticket / Online Ticket booking system) then you can get you PNR number after the completing the payment transaction for the ticket.

Introducing E-PNR Status Checking

Here we are introducing the online PNR checking facility, also known as E-PNR Checking services. Through this service you can check your PNR status , that it is confirmed or not. To check your PNR status here, you have to enter your 10 digit PNR number. After submitting that query you can check the following :
- PNR Status
- If Status is confirmed then
- Name of passsangers and other details
- Coach Number and seat Number
- Total fare
- Source / Destination Station Name

What to do if PNR Status is not Confirmed ?
If you have checked your PNR status and found your seat still in the waiting list, then we are advising you not to journey, with that ticket. As alternative you can book the ticket in any other train that suits with your schedule and destination. Or passenger can also take the benefit of Tatkal Booking system of Indian rail (On time Booking for the train). The Booking window for the tatkal tickets becomes open , one day before the date of journey. The timing and number of seats for the tatkal booking is also fixed.

Know Railway Codes And Their Meaning
Sometimes you found that your ticket contains some codes that are in acronym form and not readable without knowing the full form of that code. So for your convinience , we are introducing the large number of codes that is used most of the time in the Indian railway in passengers booking system.

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